Back Jack XL

 The Original Floor Chair from the USA!



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The Back Jack portable chair is a comfortable seat for all those, who love to live, work and play on the ground and don’t want to miss a relaxed sitting position with the back being comfortable rested.
All Back Jack portable chairs have zinc plated, rust resistant tubular steel frames with solid forged steel support elbows. Standard Back Jack portable chairs can be easily stacked for storage, provide a cushioned pad, and back support.

The XL model has a rigid support foot.

This larger chair offers extra comfort for everybody being higher (> 190cm) and stronger (>95 kg).
Measures: Width 42,5 cm, Depth 32 cm, Seat-back height  55 cm

Weight (excl. packing): 1,7 Kg 

These sturdy portable chairs are built with a soft cotton duck cover over a rigid steel frame. The Back Jack bottom seat is heavily padded for comfort. The Back Jack is excellent for those who get lower back pain when sitting for a longer time.

The Back Jack portable chair can be used for many occasions:

At work– in workshops, trainings and therapy groups, working with children and juveniles,  this chair helps to stay in an relaxed and flexible body posture, creating an atmosphere of meeting, learning and silence. 

At home ­– Back Jack chairs aid in positioning for breast-feeding and provide excellent support while holding infants or children for extended periods. Back Jack chairs are perfect for sitting on the floor to watch a movie, read or just relax and meditate.

Outdoors – Back Jack portable chairs can be used to enjoy outdoor events without straining your back! One of the only real solutions to back support without using a chair. 


Delivery of any number of Back-Jack Chairs to your door step 
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Watch here how to build up the Back Jack Chair:




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 3) Repeat step 1) to 2) for all chairs in different colours and versions you like to order.




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